Building Designer | Cooran | Eco Sustainable Planning & Project Manager

ECOLIBRIUM are a design studio specialising in the design of environmentally sensitive buildings and sustainable property planning.
ECOLIBRIUM strive to provide building designs that are not only energy and cost efficient in terms of day to day functioning and construction but also create environments that are inviting and comfortable.



  • Site analysis
  • In depth client brief
  • Passive solar design
  • Cross ventilation
  • Thermal performance
  • Solar studies
  • Renewable technologies



  • Sustainable food production
  • Sustainable resource usage
  • Enhanced lifestyle
  • Environment improvement
  • Permaculture 
  • Revegetation
  • Tree planting




  • Project management
  • 3D computer modelling
  • Image rendering
  • Professional liaison
  • Inspections
  • Quality control
  • Additional documentation

Architect or Building Designer?


By reaching these goals we hope to have designed spaces that are pleasing to the eye and encourage harmony, health, vitality and wellbeing.

At ECOLIBRIUM, our building designs incorporate established sustainable architecture principles such as passive solar design, excellent ventilation and the incorporation of thermal mass. All materials specified in the design are carefully considered to minimise environmental impacts before, during and after construction. The result is a building that has minimal impact and is comfortable and healthy to live in. Sustainable property planning designs aim to guide you (short or long term) to create a productive system that provides you with a sustainable food and resource supply that will enhance your lifestyle and that of the surrounding environment. The combination of building design and property planning goes a long way towards the ultimate in sustainable design and living. When the built environment works in harmony with the natural environment (the garden/property) and vice versa, resource, water and energy usage can reach its highest efficiency.

Cooran is a farming area with its centre in the village not far from the Bruce Highway. The region has number of picturesque waterways including Pinbarren Creek and Six Mile Creek flowing from east to west through the northern part of the locality and Coles Creek from east to west to the south – these creeks all flow to the Mary River. The North Coast railway line passes through the town which has its own railway station in the centre of the town. Nearby Mount Cooran dominates the landscape with its distinctive peak.

From the Kabi language, the name Cooran  (guran or kuran, meaning tall in Kabi), may refer to Mount Cooran or possibly to the tall Moreton Bay Ash trees found in the area.

Cooran Post Office opened on 17 June 1889 and what is now Cooran State School (1909) originally opened in 1890 as the Cooran Provisional School. Banana growing was the most important industry in the 1920s and 30s and for a period after World War II pineapple farms were established in the area.

ECOLIBRIUM provide ecologically sustainable building design and planning services across the Queensland Sunshine Coast and hinterland area including Cooroibah QLD 4565