This 3 bedroom (plus study and media room) family home is designed for a standard suburban block for privacy and retreat.  This is a courtyard style home that is built to maximize the use of the block and allow the gardened, north-facing courtyard to interact with the main living areas of the house.  Standard construction kept affordability in check, while a series of timbered details throughout the house gave continuity and an aesthetic lift.

Built by Scott Christensen

Photographs by Patrick Oberem


  • Front design for Cooroy Eco house on the sunshine coast
  • Entry of Cooroy eco house in the Sunshine Coast hinterland
  • Cooroy Noosa hinterland house entry with sustainable eco materials
  • Cooroy sustainably designed eco house courtyard
  • Sustainable eco pool design in Cooroy in the Sunshine Coast hinterland
  • Cooroy eco house design in the Noosa hinterland on the sunshine coast
  • Eco house kitchen design in sustainable house in Noosa hinterland
  • Main bedroom design in eco house in Noosa hinterland
  • render of front of eco house design
  • Exterior plans and render for sustainable home design in Cooroy-Noosa on the sunshine coast
  • render of the kitchen design for an eco house in Cooroy-Noosa
  • render of pool in design plans for sustainable home in Cooroy