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How to Choose a Sustainable Location for Your Home and Where to Find a Great House or Building Designer

If you are considering building a sustainable home, you may be thinking about factors such as energy efficiency, recycled materials, and so forth. However, the sustainability of your house depends as much on its location as on any other element. If you are looking for the right piece of land to build your home on – or even the right place to rent – consider the following ways to find the perfect sustainable location for your family.

Building Designer

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Things to Look For

Some of the key aspects to look for when choosing the right spot include:

  • Convenience. The closer the land is located to your jobs, schools, parks, shops, and other services and amenities you and your family use regularly, the less driving you’ll need to do. Being able to walk or taking public transport whenever possible will save driving time, money, fuel, and stress – all while reducing air pollution and traffic.
  • A site that has an existing structure. This won’t always apply, but even if you’re having a new home built, you might want to look for a parcel of land with an existing building on it. Why? Because the demolition, often enables you to reuse, recycle, sell, or donate any salvageable materials; you may even be able to rebuild on its existing foundation, minimising the environmental footprint of your home even more.
  • An infill site. Unless you are planning to live completely off-grid, it’s best to find a spot that’s already hooked up to existing infrastructure such as water, roads, and utilities – or can be hooked up easily. Building new infrastructure to accommodate a new parcel of land can be expensive and wasteful – the opposite of what you want.

Things to Avoid

There are as many things to avoid when choosing a sustainable location as there are things to seek out actively. You probably want to steer clear of land that:

  • Is located in a flood zone, or areas overly vulnerable to wildfires, tsunamis, erosion, and the like
  • Has never been cleared or developed before
  • Is home to endangered species or wetlands or is otherwise a sensitive habitat (unless you are planning to preserve critical areas for conservation)
  • Is made up of steep slopes, which will likely require extensive grading to make the site usable
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Sustainable building design by Ecolibrium Designs

Where to Find a Sustainable Building Designer

If you’re looking for the most sustainable location for your new home, then chances are, you are passionate about the environment and your impact on it. That’s why it makes sense to look for a like minded house designer who will understand your preference for sustainability and do everything they can to help you achieve it.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly home designer in the Sunshine Coast area, Ecolibrium Designs is here for you. We understand the benefits of living in a sustainable home in a feasible location. Our goal is to contribute to the creation of more sustainable and responsible homes and buildings and produce brilliant home designs that our buyers love living in with pride. Contact Ecolibrium Designs today to discuss your project and how to get started.