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Save Money and Improve Long Term Value with the Help of Ecolibrium and Our Sustainable Building Design Services in Sunshine Coast

Have you been looking for a way to cut down on your energy costs? Alternatively, are you just invested in the sustainability movement and looking to do your part with an environmentally conscious home? Either way, Ecolibrium can help. We provide building design services on the Sunshine Coast, with a specific focus on designing sustainable, eco-friendly homes. Sustainable homes can and should be beautiful, inspirational and cutting-edge, in addition to being energy efficient and eco-friendly. Indeed, we firmly believe that beautiful sustainable homes are the future of residential real estate. Working with us, in other words, is a good investment in the long term value of your home, as well as in the environment itself.

How We Achieve Sustainable Building Design Services

There are a lot of ways to make a home more sustainable. Adding solar energy components to your home, installing a rainwater collection tank or trading out your windows for more energy efficient replacements are all ways you can embrace a green commitment in your home. However, a truly sustainable home design is more than just these elements. When someone hires us as a Sunshine Coast building designer to retrofit their home, therefore, we take a more comprehensive approach. If we are designing a home from scratch, meanwhile, we are there from concept design through the entire building process. Our job, in any situation, is to ensure the most eco-friendly result possible given the home, the property and your budget.

Some of our focuses when designing an eco-home include passive solar design, solar energy, cross ventilation, thermal performance and renewable technologies. Some of these factors, such as solar energy and renewable energy, are the things that people tend to think about when they decide to invest in our sustainable building

design services. Others, though, tend to be more overlooked. For instance, in a passive solar building, every facet of the building—including the walls, the windows and the floors—is designed and oriented to maximise the capture and distribution of solar heat energy in the winter and to minimise it during the summer. These factors help the home get more out of its heating and cooling systems, thereby cutting down on energy usage (and energy cost).

We also pay attention to the property as a whole. We are not just building designers on the Sunshine Coast, though customers seek us out for our building design abilities. We are also property planners and can help our clients improve the look, feel and ambience of their homes by paying attention to things such as trees, vegetation and permaculture. In addition to lifestyle boosts, a fully realised and eco-friendly property plan can foster sustainable food production and resource usage. Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs on your property can both benefit the environment and save you money on your monthly grocery bill.

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If you have been looking for a building designer in Sunshine Coast that focuses on sustainable builds, look no further than Ecolibrium. To learn more about our business and our services for eco-friendly builds, environmentally conscious retrofits and sustainable property planning, contact us today.







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Ecolibrium undertakes eco sustainable building design projects across the Queensland Sunshine Coast and Hinterland areas.