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The Benefits Eco Building Design (and Where to Find a Skilled Eco Building Designer in Sunshine Coast)

Are you thinking about working with a designer to craft the perfect dream home? Sometimes, finding a true ‘dream home’ from the narrow selection of real estate that is available on the market is a nearly impossible task. Designing your own home ensures that you get all the features and stylistic flourishes you want. If you are looking to hire a designer for your new home, though, consider choosing an eco building designer.

Why Choose an Eco Building Designer?

Eco building design uses a variety of different sustainable architectural strategies and principles to achieve environmentally friendly results. Those principles—things like thermal performance, superior ventilation, passive solar design and renewable energy features—yield a slew of different benefits for the homeowner. A few of these perks include:

  • Energy savings: Environmentally friendly homes are designed to minimise energy usage by improving things such as thermal performance and natural light. By relying more on the natural processes of the sun and less on your heater, air conditioner or lights, you can cut down on energy usage and lower your monthly energy bill substantially.
  • Comfort: A well-crafted eco building design will yield a home that is comfortable and inviting. Well ventilated homes with natural light and comfortable temperatures that aren’t as reliant on artificial means are more comfortable to live in year-round. Forced air can be extremely drying, while artificial light can disrupt the body’s clock and hormonal system. By allowing for a more natural environment, sustainable homes can reduce these problems and will enable you to live in a more mentally and physically rejuvenating space.

  • Health and Wellbeing: In addition to being dry and artificially lit, many homes are poorly ventilated—to the point where interior air quality triggers allergies and significantly reduces respiratory health. Eco friendly homes, by reducing reliance on HVAC systems and increasing natural ventilation, help to avoid these health implications.
  • Lifestyle: Sustainable home design also figures in property planning, incorporating trees and vegetation where possible. These elements provide more relaxing surroundings and can help lower stress and increase the enjoyment of your property. The overall lifestyle benefits of true sustainable homes cannot be overstated.
  • Value: You aren’t the only person considering eco building design in Sunshine Coast. Sustainability is a popular trend in residential design right now, and that popularity is no fad. People are growing more conscious about how their lifestyles impact the environment and are primarily interested in doing what they can to reduce that footprint. As a result, sustainable homes are only likely to increase their value over time—a significant perk for resale prospects.

Consult with Ecolibrium as Your Building Designer

If you are seeking an eco building design in Sunshine Coast, look to Ecolibrium. Our building designs focus on sustainable architecture principles, environmentally focused property planning and overall lifestyle. We pair these considerations with a deep commitment to your vision and your budgetary constraints. The result, in every case, is a beautiful home that matches your ‘dream home’ hopes while incorporating forward-thinking sustainability design features. To learn more, contact us today.







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Ecolibrium undertakes eco sustainable building design projects across the Queensland Sunshine Coast and Hinterland areas.