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What Goes Into an Eco Friendly House Design? Partnering With a Sunshine Coast Home Designer to Build for the Future

Around the world, things are changing, that’s hard to deny. With more resources consumed every year and the impact of that consumption increasingly becoming apparent, the need to do more while being less wasteful has never been so critical. Are you in the process of considering a new construction home, or wanting to plan an extensive retrofit of an existing property? Now is the perfect time to consider the benefits of folding eco home design into the process. By approaching the design of your future or current home from the perspective of sustainability, the options for making a difference are almost limitless.

Here to help you assess those options is Ecolibrium Designs, an eco home designer based on the Sunshine Coast with more than a decade of experience. With a mind for design that puts living in harmony with our planet at the top of the priority list, we’re always excited for the opportunity to put our passion to work designing innovative structures and modifications for our clients. Not only can a home featuring these designs prove to be more economical and durable over the long run, but its “green” nature is something you can take pride in, too. Consider a few of the key design areas where our abilities are strongest.

Tailoring an Eco Home Design to Suit Your Lifestyle

Among the most effective design efforts we can undertake is in crafting a home for you that naturally keeps your energy bills low. Using something called “passive solar design,” we can design a property that adapts to the ebb and flow of the seasons. By using the physical orientation of the building itself to control how sunlight strikes and heats the house throughout the year, we can create a natural heating and cooling cycle. With the addition of effective cross ventilation via strategically placed openings, you can reduce your reliance on aircon, save money, and curtailing your energy consumption. Passive solar is just one example of how home design can change to benefit you and the environment.

Property design can be just as important as the design of the home itself, and the eco friendly house designer you work with from Ecolibrium can take surrounding land into account for you as well. We can identify suitability for long-term home food production, for example, or determine the best way to re-plant lost vegetation and trees for shade and beautification. Adding permaculture to a home can significantly expand its ability to contribute to sustainability not just today but years into the future.

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As your eco home designer on the Sunshine Coast, we hope to impress you with the breadth and depth of the options available to you. We know you take your responsibility to the environment seriously, that’s why we do, too, for every client. Together, we can create homes that respect the environment and work within it, rather than existing in a vacuum. Read up on more information about our services as you consider how to proceed, then contact us to request a consultation.







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Ecolibrium undertakes eco sustainable building design projects across the Queensland Sunshine Coast and Hinterland areas.